Working Group: PermaGame

Bulgaria and Netherlands are leading the working group PermaGame.

Game play as a sustainable way of sharing knowledge is an ancient concept that has proven its effectiveness and staying power. E.g. card games have very deep historical roots and even though much of the meaning of the cards has been obscured by the passage of time, the knowledge embedded in them is still accessible to those interested to find out.

For our project -working title: GreenDragons– we have chosen to develop en educational role playing game that can be played as a board game with ‘pen and paper’, dice and some other accessories. For those who are more into computer gaming there is also a screen version of the game.

The role playing game is based on the educational concept of constructivist case-based learning. The game provides a world, context and challenges that are conducive to learning specific concepts, principles, methods and techniques in permaculture design. The skills and knowledge gained in the game are easily transferred into the real-world. The game will fire the imagination of participants and invite creative problem solving in a ‘safe’ environment.

More information on the project can be found here (in English) and at (in Dutch) as the project develops. Anyone interested in contributing to the project, please send and email to