ERASMUS + project Proposal   „Life from soil“

Call for partners!

Contact: Gejza Legen <>

Idea:  Increase of skills and abilities of vulnerable groups of people to be self-dependent,  employable, active   and competitive in their effort – search for sustianable and fruitfull, rewarding life.

Rationale: The trans-national partnership aims to develop and test an innovative, needs tailored, inclusive learning process, based on the creation of activities among project partners and  target groups ( mayors of local municipalities unemployed and vulnerable adults and students) using social entreprices of organic farming and cultivation  in various EU countries, that would enable the development of a certified training course. The project also aims to create methodology, usable video tutors, teaching tools and demonstration activities in order to increase the skills and abilities both the learners and teachers – trainers and local mayors as well. This will enable to establish and run social agricultural entreprices in currently unused land and thus ecourage and create local jobs. Continue reading “ERASMUS + project Proposal   „Life from soil“”