Permaculture in Africa

Dakar, Senegal – the western-most tip of Africa, and former slave trading post – was home to the Global Ecovillage Network’s international conference December 10 – 14.  There were meetings with the country’s king, spiritual leaders, and musical icon Youssou N’Dour (who is now Senegal’s Minister of Culture and Tourism).  This is because ecovillages (and… Continue reading Permaculture in Africa

Training opportunities with Aranya and Chris Evans

Briefly before Christmas, 18 participants came together to do a 5 day intensive Training of Permaculture Teachers Course (in short: ToT) in the Ecovillage of Sieben Linden with Aranya and Chris Evans ofDesigned Visions. After 3 days of input and intense exchange and lots of small group work, everybody of the very diverse group of… Continue reading Training opportunities with Aranya and Chris Evans

ERASMUS + project Proposal   „Life from soil“

Call for partners! Contact: Gejza Legen <> Idea:  Increase of skills and abilities of vulnerable groups of people to be self-dependent,  employable, active   and competitive in their effort – search for sustianable and fruitfull, rewarding life. Rationale: The trans-national partnership aims to develop and test an innovative, needs tailored, inclusive learning process, based on the creation of… Continue reading ERASMUS + project Proposal   „Life from soil“

Permaculture Council of Europe

EPT was a great success, bringing people together from around Europe, exchanging about culture, education and best practices, making new friends and seeing awesome places. Naturally, the question arises: how can we continue to build our network? Not only within the subject of education but taking care of many more fields of Permaculture. At the… Continue reading Permaculture Council of Europe

Permaculture College of Europe

The Permaculture College of Europe was officially launched at EUPC12 in Batak, Bulgaria July 2014. It was one specific very practical and immediate outcome of the series of EPT Conferences formulated by Leo Bakx and Steve Hart with considerable support from Martin Giannini, Dr Peter Sherwood-Roberts and Dr. Martina Petru. The challenge now is to build on this outcome to… Continue reading Permaculture College of Europe


  Permaculture Learning Action Network A slow traveling & learning network throughout Europe, building on existing long distance walking trails and permaculture projects. PLAN brings traditional pilgrimage and nomadic permaculture together. Status: journey of discovery – mapping long distance pathways, accommodations and permaculture projects; identifying gaps in the network as potential places to establish new… Continue reading PLAN