Ecology Basics

Session Length: 90 min
Learning objectives:
By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Say what Ecology means, how it differs from other fields, and understand their and human role in it.
  • Describe Main Principles of Ecology with examples for human design
  • Explain in more detail 3 of ecological processes
  • Draw a typical cycle of materials
  • Draw different producers and consumers and decomposers in the Trophic PyramidUnderstand the importance of webs, networks, relationships and cooperation in Ecosystems
  • Explain the S-curve graph in terms of time, diversity, stability, succession
  • Consider the task of pc designers to create a cultivated ecology.

Resources needed
Posters of cycles, paper and colourful pens, poster of S-curve, poster of some ecological principles, safety pins, big red round cushion.

Session Plan
For details on how to run this session please download the following pdf:  Session Plan Ecology Basics Kirsty Heron-1