Permakultur Sverige


Founded: 1995

Members: ca. 300

Aims and Objectives:
To spread permaculture.
To support permaculture projects in Sweden.
To collaborate with other Nordic pc organisations.
To connect permaculture practitioners.

Target Groups:
Not specified.

Work Focus:
Permaculture Diploma Pathway, PC Introduction workshops, courses etc., PDCs, advanced PC courses, focusing on local / national level, working internationally , Organizing events (Convergences,…), Offering / organizing apprenticeship opportunities, regular newsletter, publishing a magazine

Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities (PDF)

Questionnaire on Structures of Permaculture Education 2012 (PDF)

Courses & Diploma Pathways

Teachers & Trainees

Permakultur Sverige: Diploma Holders & Students List

EPT Participants

Maria Svennbeck
Klara Hansson