EPT2: Slovenia – Education Structures

Second EPT Meeting in Trenta, Slovenia: 22-25 October 2012

European Permaculture Education Structures is the main theme of this meeting.

Permaculture teachers and education organisers of more then 14 European countries participate in a partnership (co-funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme) to explore sustainable ways to share knowledge. Offering professional development to permaculture teachers across Europe is the main goal of this two-year project.

There are 7 transnational meetings planned, of which this meeting in Trenta is the second. All participants will share knowledge and ideas about advanced permaculture education, also known as the Diploma Pathway.

Different countries have different approaches to the Diploma Pathway. Some have structures in place that work very well for many years already. Some countries are just starting out, while others have no such advanced education. The meeting is intended to inspire and lear from each other. And to share and learn about each other’s culture, appreciating the diversity and unity of European permaculture.

You can find more information on the Slovenian meeting in INVITATION.

Virtual Conference

Selected sessions of the EPT meetings can be viewed online using a web browser with the latest Adobe Flash player software installed. You will be able to participate in a limited way via the built-in chat channel.

Recorded sessions of the first meeting in Eschenrode, Germany are still available. Please see our Virtual Conference page.

Sessions of the second meeting in Trenta, Slovenia will follow soon.