Green School Village

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Case study for Ecocamping Batak in Tsigov Chark (Bulgaria)

DATE:    21.07.2014 PROJECT NAME: Eco Camping Batak LOCATION: Batak, Bulgaria SIZE: 7500m2 DATE DESIGNED/PLANNED: 2011 DESIGNER: Christo Simonow CLIENT/DEVELOPER: Christo Simonow MANAGED BY: Christo Simonow CONTACT AND FURTHER INFORMATION: Christo Simonow Context – Physical/social historical Ecological Camping Site on a resort area near a lake built in the 50’s. Before the 50’s this land was… Continue reading Case study for Ecocamping Batak in Tsigov Chark (Bulgaria)

EUPC in Bulgaria

Permaculture Ball Rolls Rapidly down to the shores of Lake Batak  In Bulgaria this month, the team of volunteers who are participating in the first-of-its-kind, FREE, year-round PDC have completed a detailed site analysis of this year’s location of the European Permaculture Convergence. The first phase of design, already on its way, has been to… Continue reading EUPC in Bulgaria