Next Meeting in Denmark

friland_permaThe next EPT meeting will be in Denmark, at the intentional community Friland, on 26th of May to 1st of June 2014.

We look forward to welcoming you all here! The focus of the meeting will be around finalising the Teachers’ Handbook and the other primary activities, outreach beyond the permateachers’ group, as well as looking ahead to the time after the partnership ends. Already plans are being discussed and opportunities are being checked out.

So come and take part in this important work!

Cultivating Learning in the Future

noeliaDuring the 5th EPT meeting in Spain from 24th till 28th September in Mas Franch we have identified with a World café technique which are the questions and answers leading the partnership to its future activities after the end of the Leonardo Da Vinci’s funding in July 2014. Here is the result from the Cultivate learning primary activity session.

The first question asked within the group itself was “How do we continue further” and there were 5 suggestions raised:

  1. To create a pan-European permaculture educational game (contact person – Misha, Bulgaria) – see below for more details;
  2. To collect and share more teaching methods in – under the identified main categories (contact person – Tomislav, Slovenia);
  3. To collect and share more teaching stories – from EPT, from failures and successes;
  4. To get to more potential users (contact person – Aljaz, Slovenia);
  5. To support the teaching permaculture process (contact person – David, Spain).

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Navigation News

IMG_0905‘Navigation’ is a System 4 Meta-System Support in the Viable System Model.

By Davie Phillips

The objective of Navigation is to monitor the outside world in order to identify opportunities that could further the aims of the IPT project and potential threats to its viability. It will build relationships with stakeholders and strategic partners outside of our EPT in order to disseminate the findings of the partnership widely.”


The following words describe the Navigation activity: Forward Planning, Researching, Building External Relations, Minimising threats, Maximising opportunities, Future proofing, Thinking globally, Monitoring change, Managing change, Adapting, Responding, Alerting.

Navigation held its first session at the meeting in Leeds, where it was agreed that at each meeting at least one session will be facilitated by Navigation. At Leeds a number of people stepped up to hold this function.


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Spain Meeting – Saturday 28 Sept 2013

leaving-mas-franchDay 5 was a long one, with most people moving from Mas Franch to Can Masdeu, where we enjoyed a site tour (along with another group of American students) and an incredible meal before heading to Barcelona centre to visit Aurea Social and learn more about that project.  The day ended on the beach where we met with people from Permacultura Barcelona and enjoyed yet another lovely meal.

Some photos follow below.

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Spain Meeting – Friday 27 Sept 2013

blurry-movementDay four was more restful, but the schedule endlessly busy with meetings on the future of the partnership, collaborating with others, and feeding back on the days gone by, interspersed with ‘contemplation in motion’ (shown right) and witnessing many people hit by a ‘zombie virus’.

For the body, activities included collecting firewood in the forest, swimming in the natural pool, morning Yoga and of course, the essential celebration.

affects-of-the-spanish-fluDuring this day we also had an evaluation session regarding the meeting, the results of which you can find here.

A gallery of photos from the day follows below (more to come from other photographers).

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Spain Meeting – Thursday 26 Sept 2013

ecollavers-visitDay three was packed with another round of micro-sessions and inputting materials to The Compost (‘Collection of Materials about Permaculture in Order to Support Teachers’), a site visit to Ecollavors Seed Saving project, an Open Space and of course, lovely foraged food and meals prepared by a Barcelona collective!

The day’s micro-teaching sessions included:

Some photos follow…

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Spain Meeting – Wednesday 25 Sept 2013

01-Joe-Atkinson-EthicsDay two is flying by and has been packed with micro-teaching sessions, writing, collating and inputting materials to the website, progress with using VSM (the Viable Systems Model), a lecture on Systems Thinking and more.

We’re beginning to capture the micro-sessions in text, images and videos, as resources in our Teacher’s Manual.

The sessions included:

Spain Meeting – Tuesday 24 Sept 2013

03-listening-las-manch-tourThe Spain meeting is underway.  Editing and publishing are the focus for this gathering, and we’re working offline on a local copy of the website to introduce materials to the site (in a rather chaotic fashion).  From chaos, will come order, over time.

The images are some of the participants, in listening mode, during the tour of Mas Franch given by resident Juan Pedro (shown in the second image). 04-Juan-Pablo-giving-tour

During the course of the day, new comers enjoyed an orientation to the partnership while regulars worked in their activity groups, we all participated in an interactive discussion: Livelihoods in Permaculture, and the focus for the meeting was discussed and mechanisms explained for making progress on the website.

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