Third Day at Friland Meeting

Sandra Campe
Sandra Campe

Like every morning, we formed the opening circle to start off the day, where everyone shared something learned the day before.

The morning was dedicated to working on widening participation when designing permaculture courses. The aim is to reach different audiences that are not usually represented in permaculture courses. The topics were chosen from a survey that had been passed among the members of the partnership. The topics covered in the session were:

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAAfter lunch, there were two options to spend the afternoon. One of them was to work in the garden of Tycho and Karoline. Several of us spent a lovely afternoon collecting various herbs for drying and enjoying the nice weather and conversation. The largest group joined a bike tour from Friland to the nearby bay and Kalø Castle Ruin. Guided by Tove (a Friland resident), we set off through beautiful landscapes worthy of a postcard. The very good infrastructure for cycling in Denmark allowed for the experience to be smooth and safe. Once on the beach, Tove took us on a walk around the area and beautifully told the story of the place. Before returning to Friland, Tove gave us a master class in geology with different stones gathered on the beach. Despite a mishap with a bike, we were able to reach Friland by dinner time.

The dinner, as usual, was delicious, and afterwards Cat made a presentation on the LAND Denmark project, a network of demonstration and learning permaculture centres, and the PLANT Europe project, which aims to create a network similar at the European level. Then Tycho and Karoline presented their project (permaculture designed home, forest garden, tunnel and so on), Permakultur Haven Myrrhis, in Friland. They have been working on it for two years and told us about the process and objectives. If you want to know more about that, you can visit their website.

Today we will try to go to bed before twelve o’clock. See you tomorrow! [Update the next morning….  the light and music kept us a bit later!]